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Grant H. Garcia, MD

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Grant H. Garcia, MD

Grant H. Garcia, MD Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist View Doctor Profile

In The News

Tibial Spine ACL Repair Testimonial

Post: ACL tibial spine injuries can be very difficult to treat and manage. The biggest issues I have seen are post operative stiffness and chronic pain. It is one of the most frequent second opinion diagnoses I see in my office. As someone who is continuing to look at improving my surgeries and game changing technology, I think I have found the solution to this challenging diagnosis. I have recently posted my new technique using the Arthrex Acl Repair Kit in reverse to repair these tibial spine fractures. The ability to re-tension and the biomechanical strength of this repair is incredible. From the first 6 weeks after this surgery, I was astonished at no movement of the tibial spine on xray with incredible range of motion. My patients are walking normally within a few weeks after surgery with no loss of reduction. Check out this recent testimonial of one of the first patients in Washington state to undergo this cutting-edge technique for tibial spine repair and get back to all activities. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we push the envelope on technology to get our patients back faster and with better outcomes.

ACL tibial spine website:

ACL tibial spine repair video:

Complex vertical and horizontal meniscus repair

Post: Saving the meniscus is of utmost importance. This can be difficult and in many cases as a joint restoration surgeon we must have multiple techniques at our disposal. In younger patients I’m willing to take on tougher repairs if it gives them a chance to preserve their meniscus. Check out my surgical video of a young active patient with a bucket handle meniscus but also a posterior horizontal tear. I had to use a combination of inside out, circumferential and all inside stitches to preserve this meniscus. I’m happy to say the patient is back to all activities and doing well. These are not 100 percent success surgeries but if we can give our patients appropriate expectations and the right healing environment it’s worth a shot. Check out my other repair techniques on my website link below. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we perform some of the most cutting edge sports procedures in the state to get our patients back in the game.

Meniscus Repairs:

SDT HiDef Blast BFR

Post: Blood flow restriction is an essential part of the rehab process in my opinion. Patients often ask what I think will help improve their recovery and quad strength. I often suggest BFR and am a huge proponent of this technique. I have been very happy with the results. I recently interviewed W. Zach Smith, PT, DPT at HIDEF Physical Therapy on our podcast Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez and he describes BFR in more detail. Check out this short segment from the full podcast on this topic. Listen to the full podcast in the link below or follow us on our website

Full Episode:

Post: It is great to offer sports care to so many patients. By specializing in complex knee and shoulder surgery, I often see patients from out of state. Similar to my mentors at Rush University Medical Center and Hospital for Special Surgery, I offer online second opinions to patients from out of state and country. This has been a great opportunity for patients to get further review of their case and make them feel at ease with their surgical decision. The one major thing I have learned is you need to listen very carefully to these patient complaints and many times it is more than one problem. If you set appropriate expectations, you can tremendously help them. Just this week I saw back my patient who flew in from Virginia for complex posterior shoulder stabilization. They had seen 5 surgeons and multiple other subspecialists with a barrage of tests over 2 years. The patient had told many providers they felt unstable but because of their long packet of notes and numerous tests many ignored their problems. The trick in this case was the patient had subtle posterior shoulder subluxations that was causing iatrogenic winging of the scapula (this has been described but is much less common). Patient is 7 weeks out and winging is completely gone, pain is completely gone, and they are the most stable they have been in 2 years! We have a ways to go and nothing beats follow up, but I thought I would share this interesting case. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we strive to offer complex care for our patients using cutting edge technology. To learn more about this second opinion option see my website link below:

2nd Opinion website link:

How HiDef PT Stays On Top

Post: It’s been over a year since my Sports Doc Talk Podcast on “what it takes”. During this podcast we reviewed what it takes to make it to the top of the sports world. William Sanchez and I had the pleasure of speaking HIDEF Physical Therapy Co-Owner W. Zach Smith, PT, DPT last week and learning about how his physical therapy group stays at the top of their game. As a sports surgeon, it’s important to have a network of incredible physical therapists that can get your patients back to the sports they love. This group has been instrumental in my patients’ recovery. Listen to this short clip below to learn more or listen to the full episode from the link below. Follow us on any social media network of your choice on our website

Full Episode:

Learn the “behind the scenes” of the dual surgeon technique

Post: We continue with our “Dual Surgeon Technique Segment” with episode 7. I have mentioned it before but using a dual surgeon technique for complex elbow or nerve surgeries gives my patients the best possible outcome. For many of these cases they have had multiple opinions and sometimes multiple surgeries. As with most complex cases this requires a team effort and preparation. Wayne Weil and I prepare extensively for these cases to improve the efficiency and outcomes in the operating room. Listen to episode 7 below to learn the “behind the scenes” of the dual surgeon technique. Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we continue to offer the most complex care for all musculoskeletal injuries in Washington State. To learn more about the “Dual Surgeon Technique” listen to the other episodes below.

Dual Surgeon Episodes:

Post: It was an honor to represent Vericel® Corporation in Santa Barbara and Sherman Oaks California last weekend with Wes Burrows. Teaching basic and complex cartilage restoration is a passion of mine. As someone who deals with complex cartilage injuries in Seattle, it is great to give back and teach the pearls to good outcomes in this challenging pathology. To learn more about the MACI procedure check out my website section below. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we continue to offer the most cutting edge techniques for cartilage in Washington State and beyond.


Zach Smith, Physical Therapist, and co-owner of HIDEF Physical Therapy

Post: Hot off the press, check out my newest podcast @sportsdoctalkpodcast with William Sanchez. We had special guest @zachthept talking about how @hidefpt stays at the top of its game and what they offer in terms of cutting edge technology. You don’t want to miss this one. Follow us on any platform of your choosing or check out our website

Recent ACL Webinar with MoveMend Rehab

Post:I recently had the pleasure of joining an ACL webinar with MoveMend Rehab and Performance with Micaela Riley,PT,DPT, CSCS. Check out this webinar below to learn more about graft options, outcomes, future surgical improvements and much more. Also see my website section for more in depth information on ACL surgery. Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we continue to offer the most cutting edge solutions for our ACL patients.

ACL Reconstruction:

New Glenoid Fracture Repair

Post:Glenoid fractures can be incredibly challenging to treat. We used to fix these open which has its own risks and challenges. For many of these large bony bankart and glenoid fractures with practice and patience we can now do these arthroscopically. This leads to faster recovery, better motion and overall better outcomes. Using the latest in Arthrex we can perform these faster and without metal implants. Check out my new technique for arthroscopic glenoid fracture repair using a double row soft tissue repair. To learn more about this technique see my website section below. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we continue to offer the most complex care in Washington state using the latest technology to get our patients back faster.

Glenoid Fracture Repair:

Testimonial after 3 Part MACI and TTO

Post:MACI (Vericel® Corporation) is an extremely effective cartilage procedure that allows me to treat difficult lesions involving the patella and trochlea. As a cartilage restoration surgeon I have numerous options at my disposal to get my patients back to the sports they love. Over the last few years I have been incredibly happy with my MACI results, again selection and concomitant procedures are key. Check out this recent testimonial after 3 defect MACI (trochlea, patella and medial femoral condyle) with a tibial tubercle osteotomy. This patient had debilitating pain and constant swelling. These 3 defect injuries are really challenging but he had an incredible result. The great part of MACI is we covered all the defects! To learn more about these procedures, check out my website below. Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we continue to offer the most cutting edge cartilage restoration procedures in Washington state.



SDT Blast NFL & Biotech

Post:National Football League (NFL) is in full swing and we have already seen recent media on the tech being used in the NFL to get ahead. Check out another quick segment from my recent podcast at Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez where we talk about biotech in the NFL. Diet, hydration and nutrition all matter in recovery and athletics. To stay ahead players and teams will do whatever it takes to optimize results. Follow our show on our website at or your favorite podcast app.

Full Episode:

Dr. Garcia’s 2023 technique for ACL repair with internal brace

Post: ACL repair has seen an explosion in interest over the last few years. This is one of my favorite new innovations of Arthrex especially when we can use both tightrope fixation and the “internal brace”. My patient outcomes have been excellent and I’m continuing to look for ways to expand my indications in a thoughtful and clinically based manner. Check out my newest surgical video outlining the procedure. For more information and patient testimonials check out my website link below.


7 months after Quad ACL Reconstruction

Post: Patient videos are my favorite. Just got this one recently of my patient who is 7 months from Quad ACL reconstruction. The quad ACL is on my favorite ACL surgeries and allows me also to add the “Internal Brace” from Arthrex to all these ACLs. This is the same internal brace we have heard about recently with top athletes including Brock Purdy, Aaron Rodgers and Shohei Ohanti. Check out this short video of my patient wakesurfing. Also I get a lot of questions if functional braces have the option of getting wet. For my water sports enthusiasts, check it out, he has a waterproof option. To learn more about this ACL and the internal brace see my links below. Enjoy!

Quad ACL:

Internal Brace:

Kicking off the 2023 Season: Investigation on concussions and injury rates, Q-Collars, Hydration Sensors, and football predictions that undoubtedly will go wrong.

Post: As promised check out our recent hot topic podcast Sports Doc Talk Podcastwith William Sanchez. We explain the Nick Chubb injury and potential acute and long term problems. Additionally we talk about Aaron Rodgers “innovative” surgery.

SDT Blast NFL & Tech

Post: NFL and tech is not a new topic. In the @nfl, everyone is looking for an edge to get back faster and prevent injury. We have seen it just this week with the recent Aaron Rodgers surgery and the use of new and innovative techniques. We recently had a full episode exploring injuries, concussions and NFL tech. Listen to this recent segment below and subscribe to our full podcast @sportsdoctalkpodcast with William Sanchez to learn more.

Full Podcast:


After Elbow Scope & Triceps Repair

Post: My goal as a sports surgeon is to get my patients back to the activities they love. This can be challenging especially when demands are high. It always brings a smile to my face to get pictures or videos from my patients achieving their goals after surgery. I just saw my previous patient back almost a year after their elbow scope and partial triceps repair for another condition. They were elated to show me their lifting progress and I was very excited to share this video with their permission. He is a big-time powerlifter and couldn’t do this without severe elbow pain for months. He had a partial triceps tear with a traction osteophyte and posterior loose body. The biggest concern after surgery was getting back hyperextension for lifting, which can be challenging in these cases. I’m pleased to say it was a success and he just hit his personal record of lifting an overhead squat of 100kg! Check out this video as this lift is not for beginners! For more information see my website below to learn more about these elbow surgeries. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle, we strive to get our athletes back to what they love.

Elbow Surgery:

Kicking off the 2023 Season: Investigation on concussions and injury rates, Q-Collars, Hydration Sensors, and football predictions that undoubtedly will go wrong.

Post: We are back with another great podcast with Will Sanchez! We dive into recent football injuries and some really interesting data on kick offs and concussions as well as risk of injury with an additional game 17. Listen below and follow us at

Episode Title: Kicking off the 2023 Season: Investigation on concussions and injury rates, Q-Collars, Hydration Sensors, and football predictions that undoubtedly will go wrong.

Football season kicks off, and with that, Dr. Grant Garcia and William Sanchez begin the show with a discussion about the NCAA’s research on the kickoff rule change and its impact on concussion rates in collegiate football. Despite the expectation that this rule change would reduce concussions during kickoff plays, the data suggests otherwise. We explore the many reasons behind this unexpected outcome and its implications for player safety in the sport.

The Q-Collar is a biomedical engineering innovation designed to reduce brain injury risks. This FDA-authorized device of its kind, works by increasing blood volume inside the head to reduce the brain’s movement upon impact, ultimately decreasing the risk of concussions, and has the potential to revolutionize player safety in contact sports. Will we see even more players utilizing this tech this season?

Don’t laugh but it’s true. We explore the fascinating concept of urinals with sensors that change color based on player hydration levels in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ facilities. This cutting-edge technology has the potential to optimize player performance and health. Even though Dr. Garcia was not a fan of this discussion. Ha!

The Seattle Seahawks lead the NFL in miles traveled but does distance and additional games add to more injuries? A study from Northwestern University might surprise you.

Do you want bad picks for the NFL season? We have them. Will Dr. Garcia get this show’s trivia? Have a listen and check it out. If you would like a transcript of the show, want to be a guest, or just want more information about Sports Doc Talk.

Video testimonial after meniscus transplant in an adolescent with a difficult knee issue

Post: Meniscus transplantation is a hot topic, as it usually involves young active patients that are too young for any joint replacements. As a cartilage restoration surgeon, this procedure is a workhorse for me in patients with meniscal deficiency and early symptoms. In my practice I have been extremely happy with the results of this surgery, especially as these patients have really no other good option currently. Check out this recent testimonial of a very young athlete who had an outside surgeon unfortunately remove all his lateral meniscus at 14 years old. He had issues almost immediately after surgery and came to me for a 2nd opinion. We had a long discussion of options and we decided to perform a lateral meniscus transplant with dovetail technique right after his 15th birthday (insurance wouldn’t authorize anything younger than 15). He had a great result. Listen to him and his parents’ thoughts about the procedure and surgery. These videos are important to me as I continue to get patients who are told that meniscus transplants are not successful and come to me for a second opinion. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we strive to offer the most complex care for our athletes using cutting edge technology and techniques. Check out my website to learn more about this surgery and the results.

Meniscus Transplantation:

The first MPFL reconstruction with the new knotless knee fibertak in Washington State

Post: Innovation and technology is the theme of the month. I recently showed the use of the first Arthrex knee fibertak in the state of Washington, for IT band tenodesis. This anchor comes in 5 variations and each has its unique benefits. Check out this hot off the press video of the first MPFL reconstruction in Washington state using the new Arthrex knee fibertak with hybrid fixation (1 knotless and 1 sliding suture with needles). This is a great option for these patients. To learn more about MPFL reconstructions check out my website link below. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we continue to find the newest technology to improve our surgeries and patients outcomes.

MPFL Reconstruction:

Dr. Garcia new technique for Elbow UCL Reconstruction in Baseball Players

Post: We have seen numerous professional baseball players that have suffered UCL injuries. Most recently with Los Angeles Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani. Unfortunately data from MLB has shown an increase in both primary and revision UCL reconstructions. As a sports and baseball surgeon, I perform both UCL repair with internal brace and reconstructions on these athletes as needed. For reconstruction, we continue to look for newer techniques to improve the speed of recovery and reduce the risk of bone tunnel damage in the ulna. I present my new technique below for UCL reconstruction in a high level baseball player using palmaris autograft. This technique improves the speed of the surgery, allows for ease of either palmaris or a larger gracilis graft and reduces potential complications seen with bone tunnels. With the help of Arthrex we are working to find ways to get our throwers back in the game. To learn more about his injury check out my website or recent podcast on Sports Doc Talk Podcast.



First OssioFiber Anchor for Meniscal Root Repair on the West Coast.

Post: I have posted many times about my use of cutting edge technology to improve my patient outcomes and make my sports surgeries more efficient. I present to you today the OSSIO Fiber Anchor for meniscal root repair. This anchor has impressive pullout strength yet turns into bone over time. It is 5x stronger than a biocomposite and 2x stronger than a peek screw so it eliminates the concern for cracking in the tibial shaft. My mentor Dr. Brian Cole has called these anchors a “gamechanger” and I agree. Check out below my implantation of the first OSSIO Fiber anchor for meniscal root repair on the West Coast. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we are always looking to give our patients the best technology in Washington State and beyond. Check out their website and mine below to learn more.

OssioFiber Website:

Dr. Garcia’s update on treatments for shoulder instability

Post: Shoulder instability is one of my passions. From early medical training to full time practice I have been heavily involved with research and understanding better ways to improve on this condition. Over the years our techniques and technology have improved. To learn more about this condition and options for surgical and non surgical management check out my new information video below. Also for more information my website link is listed for this topic. Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we continue to look for ways to improve our surgical outcomes with cutting edge technology.


Patient Testimonial - Patellofemoral Replacement with MQTFL Reconstruction

Post: MQTFL reconstruction is an emerging technique for patella stabilization. It has the benefits of avoiding anchor placement in the patella with similar results to standard MPFL reconstructions. Another advantage as it can be an additional procedure for challenging patellofemoral replacements. In patients with significant preoperative dislocations and severe isolated patellofemoral arthritis I will add this procedure. Check out this testimonial of a young active female who was severely debilitated by numerous patella dislocations, severe isolated patella OA and pain. She underwent a combined patellofemoral replacement with MQTFL reconstruction and got her life back. To learn more about these procedures see links below. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we combined cutting edge techniques to offer a custom approach to each patient.

Patellofemoral Replacement:

MQTFL Reconstruction:

Quad Tendon ACL graft prep

Post: Quad ACL reconstruction has advanced significantly over the last 5 years. Its growing popularity has been impressive, with more cutting-edge advances being introduced yearly and better literature looking at all aspects of the surgery. In my practice, it has exponentially grown as the perfect mix of a larger graft that is also all soft tissue. Much of the adoption has been due to the work of @Arthrex in developing better and more efficient techniques to perfect this surgery. I’m pleased to have been part of the newest addition to Quad ACL surgery with the use of the first Arthrex Quad Tightrope 2 in Washington State. This newest addition improved on the speed of the prep, improved button performance, and has been a unanimous hit in my operating room. Check out my, hot off the press, video of this new device below. @Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle, we continue to strive to bring our athletes the latest innovation to improve their outcomes and get them back to the sports they love. For more information on this surgery check out my website link below.

ACL Website::

Video testimonial after patellofemoral replacement with a cartilage transplant

Post: Patellofemoral replacement is a unique procedure with tight indications. As a cartilage restoration and patellofemoral surgeon, I tend to see a higher percentage of patients that meet this criteria. The key to any good surgery is to listen and examine your patients. What do you do if you have a patient with significant painful patellofemoral arthritis, a painful MFC defect with an excellent meniscus and tibial plateau and under 55 years old? We took a unique approach and went outside the box by giving him a patellofemoral replacement and medial femoral condyle cartilage transplant. He had an incredible result and got back to all his activities, check out his video testimonial below. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we continue to offer a custom approach to making our patients better. To learn more about these procedure see my website links below:

Cartilage Transplant:

Podcast on cartilage transplant:

Patellofemoral Replacement:

Dr. Garcia’s update 2023 technique for IT band tenodesis

Post: I’m a huge proponent of delivering cutting-edge technology to my patients to make my surgeries better and improve my patient outcomes. Whether it’s more research, more lab time, more meetings on upcoming technology, it’s worth it in the end to stay on the forefront of sports medicine and help my patients. I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Arthrex a leader in the sports medicine implants, and huge proponent of improving patient outcomes with technology to be part of these sports innovations. Last week I had the honor of using the brand new Arthrex knee fibertak and placed the first one in Washington state. Check out this video to see the technology in action. There are 5 versions and all have different uses so its incredibly versatile. Looking forward to all the uses for this new product. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we continue to push the envelope for our athletes to make them better and improve their recovery!

SDT Blast WW Thumb Arthritis

Post: Thumb arthritis can be a chronic and frustrating problem. In older patients, there are many time tested treatments. In patients that are young newer more innovative approaches are needed. Expert hand surgeon, Dr. Wayne Weil describes these treatments on our recent episode of Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez. Dr. Weil is becoming one of the leading experts on thumb preservation techniques for early arthritis. Listen below for his custom approach to these young active patients. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we offercutting-edge innovation to help our active patients return to the sports they love. Subscribe or listen to this full episode below.


Full Episode:—Wayne-Weil—Hand…

Check out Dr. Garcia’s new innovative technique for AC joint reconstruction.

Dr. Garcia’s recent webinar describing his use of the game changing technology, the Rebless machine.

SDT Blast: WW Thumb UCL

Post: Thumb UCL surgery has evolved with more innovative techniques. We have seen numerous athletes suffer this injury and make quick recoveries with the help of our new technology. The @arthrex_inc internal brace system has been a game-changer for this surgery and it is performed frequently by @waynemweilmd Check out this short segment from The @sportsdoctalkpodcast with William Sanchez featuring top Seattle hand surgeon Dr. Wayne Weil as he describes this injury and surgery. At The @orthopedicspecialistsseattle we have cutting edge technology to get our athletes back faster. To listen to the full episode see below or subscribe on our website link below.

Full podcast:—Wayne-Weil—Hand…


Patient Testimonial - Revision ACL X 3, MMAT, OAG, MACI 4.5 Months Out

Post: I love hearing from my patients when they start getting back to the sports they love. Just got this video last week. One of the hardest surgeries I have done included two stages, ACL bone grafting for 2 failed ACLs with poorly placed large metal hardware, MACI of the patella and trochlea. 2nd stage medial meniscus transplant, MFC cartilage transplant and 3rd time revision ACL reconstruction. This is the first time he wakeboarded in years and is only 5 months out. He has not had a stable and pain free knee in over 10 years! It also took advanced rehab techniques including the new rebless™ Rehab machine to get him to this level. This was a full team effort that made my week, and thought I would share. To learn more about these procedures check out my cartilage restoration section of my website linked below.At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we offer one of the most comprehensive cartilage and knee restoration treatments in the state of Washington.

Cartilage Restoration:

Dr. Wayne Weil, Hand & Wrist Specialist

Post: Check out our new podcast episode featuring one of the top hand surgeons in Washington state, Wayne Weil MD. I have the pleasure of knowing him personally and professionally and you can’t find a better person and surgeon. You may also recognize him from my dual surgeon approach episodes. Subscribe below to learn how Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle offers our athletes cutting edge hand and wrist treatments designed to get our patients back faster with better outcomes.

Dual Surgeon Approach for Revision Elbow Surgery

Post: Revision elbow surgery is challenging and requires a team approach. Elbow surgery is already a more niche area to operate on and when previous surgery fails it can be difficult to find someone to treat your injury. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle, Wayne Weil and I use a “dual surgeon” approach to manage these injuries. Many times these are second or third opinions which are common in our practice. Below is another segment from our Dual Surgeon Approach explaining how we deal with previously failed elbow surgery. For an athlete with previous failed sports elbow surgery, we offer comprehensive management to help you get back to the sports you love.

Dr. Garcia Website:

Dr. Weil Website:

SDT Blast DS Q Collar & NFL

Post: Concussions are a major issue in contact sports. On Sports Doc Talk

Podcast: with William Sanchez we had the pleasure of interviewing one of the top specialists in the country David Smith MD. We learned so much about his recent FDA approved product Q Collar which is already making an impact on numerous professional sports. Below is a brief clip from the showing describing all the athletes and organizations involved with this new innovative device. To listen to the whole show subscribe on our website at

Full Podcast:

Check out Dr. Garcia’s recent webinar on patellofemoral replacements and cutting-edge advances

The competitive aging athlete

As a former swimmer and team physician for Swim Across America I’m heavily involved in the swim community. Its been wonderful to give back to my former high school and club team through sponsorship as well as taking care of their injured athletes. My good friend Nina Goldberg Thatcher is a leader in all aspects of her life, and you may have heard about her on my recent aging athletes podcast Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez . She has been featured in our local newspaper as she has been instrumental in raising money for Swim Across America to raise money for cancer research and encourage young kids to get involved in the wonderful sport of swimming. Check out this recent article featuring her efforts as well as me and my group Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle as we are all dedicated to sponsoring our community.

SDT Blast Dr Smith Q Collar Explanation

Post: Concussions and traumatic brain injuries are a concern when you take care of athletes in a high contact sport. William Sanchez and I had the pleasure of interviewing @DavidwsmithMD who is the inventor of the Q collar which reduces the impact of head injuries and has been gaining popularity since its recent FDA approval. This device can be found on numerous professional players. Check out this recent clip from our podcast Sports Doc Talk Podcast discussing the explanation of the device and how Dr. David Smith took this idea from napkin to reality. Also check out our previous show outlining the process for technological innovation.

Napkin to Reality:


Dr. David Smith

Check out Dr.Garcia’s demonstration of a MACI biopsy and MACI of the trochlea

Post: Cartilage restoration is a large part of my practice. One of my major cartilage workhorses is MACI. I have shown recent testimonials for this procedure which has very good success in my practice. Remember, with all of these surgeries, understanding when concomitant procedures are needed is essential. Many of my patients ask questions about the biopsy process and the basic level surgical implantation technique. I had the pleasure of partnering with Vericel® Corporation a few months ago for a live cadaver presentation of the biopsy process and a straightforward MACI implantation. Using the game-changing technology by Avail Medsystems we performed this surgical procedure in my operating room Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle with impressive audio and video quality. See below for the full presentation. To learn more about this procedure and video technology check out my website links and recent podcasts Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez below. at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we continue to push the envelope on technology and innovation to offer this to our patients in the Seattle area and beyond.



Dr. David Smith, inventor of the Q-Collar

post:New Podcast is available!

Guest:David Smith MD inventor of the Q-Collar

In this podcast episode of Sports Doc Talk, Dr. Grant Garcia and William Sanchez

interview David Smith MD, the inventor of the Q-Collar. The Q-Collar is designed to mitigate the absorption of SLOSH (sloshing) energy by the soft tissues of the brain, thereby reducing the risk of brain damage from traumatic events. It is the first device authorized by the FDA for this purpose. You are going to love hearing his thoughts and how animals such as the woodpecker and ram became his inspiration for developing the Q-Collar. Many athletes across all professional sports are currently utilizing the Q-Collar. We discuss a few of these athletes throughout the show, but the Q-Collar is not just for contact sports, it is also used in military operations and other areas.

Dr. Smith is a highly accomplished medical professional with a background in internal medicine and a specialization in traumatic brain injury (TBI). He has served as a visiting scientist at esteemed institutions such as the Human Performance Laboratory for the Division of Sports Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the North Shore Division of Neurosurgery and North Shore Neurological Institute.

If you would like a transcript of the show, want to be a guest, or just want more information about Sports Doc Talk, check us out at


Post: Meniscal root repairs are one of my passions. This can be a very high quality of life improvement in the right patients. Many patients on initial presentation go from sudden pain and inability to walk to rapid change in the knee joint without fixation. Proper selection is essential to get the best results. Check out this recent patient who flew in from Idaho for her meniscal root repair. She is 3 months out doing great and looking forward to getting back to her active lifestyle! At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we offer complex sports medicine care to Washington State and beyond.


Check out this video testimonial after bilateral labral repairs with biceps tenodesis.

Post: I am honored to be selected as a Seattle Met Top Doc for the 5th year in a row. Taking care of patients at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle has been incredible and I’m so fortunate to have an amazing team that makes my work fun and interesting. I strive to provide the most comprehensive sports medicine care in the state of Washington and it’s wonderful to have such great partners and staff that support this vision. To learn more about what we are doing to be on the cutting-edge check out my website.

Post: Routine surgeries are not always routine. You need to listen to patients and prepare for any potential complications. This is a wonderful patient; I had the pleasure of taking care of with mast cell activation syndrome. If you haven’t heard of it, they can go into anaphylaxis with any random medicine. This makes a simple rotator cuff surgery a little more complicated. She had severe shoulder pain and failed all attempts to avoid surgery. With proper planning and coordinating from her doctors and my team we did her surgery without any issues. Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we take on challenging problems to help our patients in Washington state.


Thank you for taking such good care of me Dr Garcia.

I was really nervous about the surgery, mostly because of possible complications with my mast cells and how I would respond to anesthesia, pain meds & antibiotics. You weren’t afraid to help with getting me through surgery without complications. Thank you!

I’m excited that my shoulder is feeling better as it’s been so painful for over a year now. You are awesome! All the best to you!!

SDT Blast Dr Anthony Yi Ankle Sprains

Post: Ankle sprains are incredibly common. Any doctor that takes care of an athletic population has seen this injury. There are so many different sprains and sometimes patients can develop chronic ankle instability. @Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez we had the pleasure of having Dr. Anthony Yi, an expert foot and ankle surgeon, on our show to talk about foot and ankle injuries. Check out this clip from the show going over treatments for ankle sprains and potential surgical options. We didn’t forget to talk about William Sanchez’s favorite surgery “internal brace” by Arthre and how this game changing technology is improving outcomes for ankle injuries and surgeries.

Podcast Website:

Full Podcast:

Check out Dr. Garcia’s new Remplissage technique with an anterior and posterior labral repair

Check out Dr. Garcia’s technique for MCL reconstruction

SDT Blast Dr. Anthony Yi Ankle Fractures

Post: Ankle fractures are a common injury we see as orthopedic surgeons. At Sports Doc Talk Podcast we continue to focus on game changing technology to get patients back faster with better outcomes. The new fibular nail by Arthrex is pushing the envelope with faster weight-bearing, smaller incisions and lower hardware removal rates. We had the honor of interviewing top foot and ankle specialist Dr. Anthony Yi last week. Check out this short clip from our podcast with William Sanchez on ankle fractures and the cutting edge technology being used.


Patient testimonial only 6 weeks after Apatella Cartilage Transplant

Post: We have heard so much recently about cartilage transplants with Lonzo Ball and Gabriel Landeskog undergoing this procedure. This surgery can have immense quality of life improvements in the right patient population. We can use this procedure for all parts of the knee, but less frequently do we hear about patella transplants despite their good outcomes. This is because the patellofemoral joint is much more complicated due to the contour of the anatomy. If you do cartilage restoration you must account for all aspects of this area. Check out this patient testimonial only 6 weeks after a patella cartilage transplant.

She previously underwent TTO and MACI but only 30 percent of the MACI grew back and she still had some pain and crepitus. The key lesson here is don’t burn bridges with your first surgery. As a result of our first surgery and some of the MACI regrowth, we used a smaller cartilage plug (20mm) and got her looking like this! No surgery is perfect and cartilage procedures are a tough problem to treat, be prepared for anything and make sure you are thinking about how your surgery will affect any future problems. Think outside the box and come ready with all your tricks and technology and you can help a lot of patients.

Horizontal meniscus repair in a high level soccer player

So excited for this new episode. One of the top foot and ankle surgeons in the Pacific Northwest Anthony Yi

Post: So excited for this new episode. One of the top foot and ankle surgeons in the Pacific Northwest Anthony Yi joined my new Sports Doc Talk Podcast to discuss high-level athletes, and how we’re getting them back sooner with newer foot and ankle technology. Check it out or visit us on our website at

Check out this recent video testimonial in a young active female after a high tibial osteotomy.

Check out our newest video describing the dual surgeon benefit of 2nd opinions for complex elbow surgeries and professional athletes.

SDT Highlight: Aging Athlete & Regenerative Medicine

Post:As a sports surgeon, I treat athletes at all levels. My goal is to continue to look for advancements in sports medicine that allows my patients to have a faster return to sport and improved outcomes. Regenerative medicine is a hot topic in the fight against disease, injury and aging.

In my recent episode Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez we talk about the future of regenerative medicine and how it relates to our aging athletes. Check out this recent clip from our new episode.

Post: UCL repair with internal brace is true game changing technology. We have heard about it recently with Brock Purdy for the 49ers undergoing this procedure. Before this technology, reconstruction of the tommy john ligament was the only way to save a throwers elbow. In the right patient this procedure is less invasive with a faster recovery. We have seen an equivalent return to throwing with this newer procedure in high level athletes and excellent biomechanical strength. It’s a pleasure to offer this procedure at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle to my patients in Washington state.

Check out this recent testimonial I received in a high-level baseball player who came from over 3 hours away to undergo this surgery. This is what motivates me to keep looking for ways to get my athletes back faster and safer than before. Check out my recent podcast at Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez on this surgery or check out my website to learn more about this procedure.


We are happy to share our great experience with Dr. Garcia and Landon’s surgery success anyplace and anytime! You were all so amazing and we are more thankful than words can express. This kid LIVES for baseball and Dr. Garcia, along with hard work and a fantastic physical therapist, have given that back to him.

Internal brace surgery was obviously a success, thank you SO MUCH for getting Landon back on the pitchers mound!!!

~The Welter family.

Post: Last week I demonstrated my surgical technique for MPFL reconstruction. This surgery is very powerful in the right patient to eliminate patella dislocations. Overall it is one of my most satisfied patient populations. Check out this recent testimonial from a young patient I did a staged bilateral MPFL reconstruction. This patient came from the other side of Washington state to undergo this procedure. Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle it’s a pleasure to offer our new technologies to the state of Washington and beyond.


Took my Grandson to Dr Garcia, because the surgeons in the Tri-Cities said they couldn’t do the type of surgery he needed to be fully capable of doing anything a kid wants to do.

I did my research to find a Doctor with Experience for the NBA, since they have a lot of these surgeries, and found Dr Garcia.

He did both knees, (6 months apart) and now my grandson, who’s knee caps would dislocate if he stepped wrong, can do anything he wants.

Dr Garcia is great in all facets, bedside manner, how he explains things and most important the surgery.

Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner! Thanks Dr Garcia!

~Ken B.

Post: Gabriel Landeskog underwent cartilage transplant of his right knee on May 10. This is an uncommon surgery for a professional athlete but we have now seen two recent high profile athletes including Landeskog and Lonzo Ball have this surgery. I had the pleasure of training with the surgeon who did these surgeries, Dr. Brian Cole. He is an incredible mentor and always pushing the envelope to help athletes get back to the sports they love. I mimic my practice after his and offer similar cartilage restoration to the Seattle area and beyond. I recently did a podcast on this surgery after the announcement of Lonzo Ball’s cartilage transplant at Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez. To learn more about this cutting edge procedure check out my podcast or website for more information.

Looking forward to the future of sports medicine and happy to be working with Arthrex to make this happen. To learn more about these advances check out my website sections below or listen to my napkin to reality podcast Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez we highlight Arthrex and innovation.

SDT Highlight: Aging Athletes & Fitness Changes

Post: As a sports surgeon, I take care of athletes at all levels. As we age, my goal as a sports orthopedic surgeon is to keep my active patient population doing the activities they love. When injuries occur, I am looking at the most cutting edge technology to improve outcomes and get my aging athletes back faster. Recently I published a new podcast episode about this on Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez. At OSS Seattle we are committed to offering the latest in technology to help our athletes overcome injury both operatively and non operatively. Check out this recent highlight from my podcast describing how fitness has changed over the last 10 years.

Podcast Website:

Check out Dr. Garcia’s new knotless MPFL Technique in 4K

Post:New Sports Doc Talk Podcast episode hot off the press with William Sanchez. This is our first listener request podcast! You asked for it and we delivered.

Topic: What keeps our aging athletes at the top of their game. We cover all facets from wearables, training, regenerative medicine, cutting edge surgeries and more. Learn more by subscribing to our podcast or listening below! Keep the requests coming on our website

The competitive aging athlete

Portable Blood Flow Restriction: Game Changing Tech

Post:Getting our athletes back faster and stronger is the holy grail of sports medicine. In my practice, I continue to look for game changing technology that allows my patients to get the best and most innovative sports products on the market. Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we are committed to finding ways to improve outcomes and recovery. Prehab is a critical part of acute ACL injuries; I also have cutting edge surgical techniques and do whatever it takes to save the cartilage and meniscus in the knee. You have heard about our new device the H ROBOTICS INC rebless machine that is helping our more complex knee patients get back to walking, stronger quads and rom faster than conventional CPM.

Check out this new BFR device below! I am a huge proponent of blood flow restriction after surgery which is used in all major professional sports for rehab and recovery. Recently I learned of a portal BFR machine that can be sent home with patients from their PT office. This is offered by Rehab United Seattle and they were kind enough to come by the office and let me show it off. This allows patients to double or triple their time doing BFR to hopefully provide faster gains in their recovery. I highly recommend it, but don’t take my word for it, check out this full demo video with Rehab United’s Kelly Vanhove and me. Stay tuned as this technology may show up soon on Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez!

Post: It’s an honor to represent Summit Surgical and Arthrex at this year’s Western Orthopedic Summit in La Jolla. It was an incredible experience teaching others about advanced shoulder instability techniques and the latest game changing technology for ACL repairs. So happy to work with an organization dedicated to teaching and getting patients to the sports they love. It was amazing to learn from master’s in the field and hear about future advances that allow me to stay on the cusp of sports medicine.

Looking forward to the future of sports medicine and happy to be working with Arthrex to make this happen. To learn more about these advances check out my website sections below or listen to my napkin to reality podcast Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez we highlight Arthrex and innovation.

Topic: Innovation: Napkin to Reality

SDT Highlight: MLB New Rules and Injury Risk

Post: Baseball is in full swing and so is the new pitch clock. We have seen faster games and pitchers with reduced speed in later innings but does this translate to more injuries…. hopefully not. As a surgeon that treats many baseball pitchers, we know fatigue and repetitive stress leads to injuries like UCL tears, slap tears, flexor overload etc. Check out this short clip from my recent podcast @sportsdoctalkpodcast with Will Sanchez discussing this new rule and our concerns for injury risk. Only time will tell whether faster games in MLB affect injuries but I am sure many different entities are monitoring this. Subscribe to our podcast below to hear the full episode or check out my website to learn more about these baseball injuries. Check out for more information.

Check out this recent testimonial after elbow UCL repair surgery

SDT Highlight: New Pitch Timer Rule

Post: The new pitch timer is accelerating the play of baseball. If you don’t know, MLB instituted a new rule to speed up the game and change the pace. As a sports surgeon, who treats these baseball players, there are concerns of injury risk with an accelerated pitch count. As a specialist in baseball players, the pitchers are the ones we are most concerned about. We are already seeing faster games and loss of top speed in some of our MLB pitchers early in the game. Check out this brief explanation of this new MLB rule in this highlight clip from my most recent Sports Doc Talk Podcast with William Sanchez. For the whole episode see the link below and subscribe to hear our upcoming shows.

Check out Dr. Garcia’s technique for high tibial osteotomy in a young active patient wanting to return to high impact activities.

Cartilage restoration is an essential part of my practice. It is important if you practice cartilage restoration you understand all components of the procedure. If a patient’s alignment is off, they must be corrected by doing an osteotomy in addition to the cartilage procedure. Check out this recent testimonial, my scheduler received, this patient had a previous microfracture done elsewhere, no alignment was checked and they did quite poorly. We identified they had alignment issues and performed a high tibial osteotomy with a cartilage transplant and you can see his activity level already at five months with a great day skiing.
Good morning Alyssa, please pass along to Dr. Garcia that I skied over 32,000 vertical feet at Whistler this past weekend!! In 2 days, I’ll be at the 5 month mark from my surgery. I’m feeling good after the last two days and only needed 2 ibuprofen at the end of each day. So excited!

~Greg M.

2023 baseball season new hopes, new rules, new concerns.

4 months after root tear

Meniscal root tears are a hot topic in sports medicine. More and more data has demonstrated the importance of fixing these tears to delay arthritis and reduce pain. With proper patient selection you can see pretty impressive results. Check out this video I just received from a young patient with significant knee pain for over 4 months after surgery. He had seen a few surgeons and no one could figure it out (30%+ can be missed on MRI). We saw subtle meniscal root tear on MRI so scoped him to confirm and sure enough it was a complete meniscal root tear which came together great. He is 4 months out doing awesome and just sent me this video of him surfing. For more information on this injury and the surgery check out my website link:

Lonzo Ball, cartilage transplant surgery

William Sanchez and I are so excited to announce our brand new website for our podcast Sports Doc Talk Podcast.

Post: William Sanchez and I are so excited to announce our brand new website for our podcast Sports Doc Talk Podcast, You can find all our current podcasts, video podcasts, question and answer polls, informational videos and the ability to submit show requests. We have already received a few great requests and we are looking forward to featuring them on our show in the coming months. Stay tuned for our hot topic episode we just recorded last night on cartilage transplants and the recent Lonzo Ball surgery. Thanks for all our current subscribers our last episode hit over 200 listens already and we appreciate your following!


Innovation continues with this amazing 6 week testimonial

Post: Innovation continues with this amazing 6 week testimonial. ACL tibial spine surgeries are challenging, in that postoperative stiffness is a major problem. I see a number of 2nd opinions every year for this complication and have had my own patients take longer to recover with stiffness. I have tried different techniques to save the patients acl, get the spine to heal and preserve motion but nothing this results at 6 weeks.

I posted my recent technique using the new Arthrex ACL repair tightrope and I was blown away. Check out my patient 6 weeks after this surgery. ACL exam is perfect, the tibial spine remains fully reduced and motion is great. With the confidence of this repair, I doubled the speed of my previous protocol. At Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle our goal is innovation that benefits patients and outcomes!

Dr. Garcia’s BEAR ACL repair technique with an Internal Brace

Dr. Garcia’s newest technique to fix ACL tibial spine using the new ACL tightrope system

Dr. Garcia’s technique for distal femoral osteotomy

1 year after ACL tibial spine repair and posterior lateral corner reconstruction

Post: Multi-ligamentous knee injuries are a challenging surgery and recovery. I remember getting a call on vacation about a patient with a unique injury, ACL tibial spine avulsion and full posterior lateral corner injury. While waiting for swelling to reduce would be ideal, you must try and fix these spine injuries quickly if there is a chance to save the ACL. With the help of my amazing team, we moved things around and got this young high-level skier into surgery the next week. She persevered through this recovery, and I received these two messages from her roughly 1 year after ACL tibial spine repair and posterior lateral corner reconstruction. We saved her ACL and got her back to doing what she loves… skiing! These patients and stories are what make my job so fulfilling! @Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle we offer high-level care and work as a team to give patients the best outcome.

Note: Just wanted to share that I made it back on the mountain yesterday for the first time! Made it about 20 runs (even back to blues and blacks!) before my knee started to get achy, and I’m sure it’ll just get better from here. Thank you so much for everything and I’ll be sure to send a video some time this season.

Update a few weeks later: Still gaining confidence in my left ski, but we’re making progress!


Testimonial after innovative repair of her ACL ligament tear.

Check out our new podcast “Sports Doc Talk” with Will Sanchez and Dr. Grant Garcia.

Brand new show! First new episode of Sports Doc Talk coming this week. We will talk about the Super Bowl and how injuries impact the most watched sporting event in the US.

Follow us on:

My recent MACI talk with Dr. Brian Cole on how to maximize cartilage training in fellowship.

Grant H. Garcia, MD I think it’s the season! Summited Rainier as well 2 weeks ago! And the shoulder held up amazingly… even after a little fall

My job as a sports orthopedic surgeon is to help my patients return to the sports and activities they love. Images and videos of my patients getting back to their hobbies are the highlights of my day. Check out this message I received from someone I did shoulder surgery on 2 years ago. Another patient of mine summiting Mount Rainier. This is no easy feat!

“One VERY satisfied client!!” – KC

Just got this message from my patient that I did a posterolateral corner reconstruction, MCL reconstruction and ACL reconstruction, 3 years ago. Always fun to get these videos of patients getting back to the sports they love.

Excited to provide team coverage for Swim America again this year. Great morning for a great cause. Good luck swimmers!

Excited to provide team coverage for Swim America again this year. Great morning for a great cause. Good luck swimmers!

Honored to speak at the MACI fellows course last night with Dr. Brian Cole, my mentor and leader in the cartilage field.

Honored to speak at the MACI fellows course last night with Dr. Brian Cole, my mentor and leader in the cartilage field.

Great time at Arthrex’s #WOTIF conference. Honored to speak on cutting edge techniques in shoulder surgery.

Great time at Arthrex’s #WOTIF conference

Dr. Garcia covers Swim America event, Congrats to all the swimmers raising money for a good cause!

Dr. Garcia covers Swim America event, Congrats to all the swimmers raising money for a good cause!

Dr. Garcia was selected as a 2021 Top Doctor by Washington Magazine.

Dr. Garcia is honored to be selected for Seattle Met Top Doc for 2021! It is a pleasure to continue to offer advanced high quality sports care to the Seattle area.

Check out Dr. Garcia’s podcast on Skateboarding injuries in honor of the new Olympic sport!

Tune in to Dr. Garcia’s zoom talk on cartilage and meniscus transplants and how we are using cutting-edge techniques to preserve patient’s cartilage. The talk is on July 15th at 12pm, sign up using this link:

Dr. Garcia will be teaching shoulder instability techniques this week to young surgeons under 50 years old at the Arthrex Futures Forum in Naples, Florida. He will be showing cutting-edge surgery to improve labral repairs using the most minimally invasive techniques.

Dr. Garcia talks about RTS after ACL injury in the NFL on NYSEA sports radio.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his release technique for frozen shoulder.

Patient shoulder replacement testimonial for a severe and complex shoulder fracture

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his technically advanced technique using a Distal Tibial Allograft (ankle bone) to reduce shoulder dislocations after failed previous shoulder surgeries.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his technique for elbow UCL repair with an internal brace. This new technique is getting baseball players back to playing faster than conventional Tommy John surgery.

Dr. Garcia discusses his revision acl algorithm and what he does to improve outcomes.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his technique for arthroscopic biceps tenodesis. This is a minimally invasive approach he can combine with other arthroscopic shoulder surgeries to reduce biceps tendon pain.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his technique for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair.

Dr. Garcia was named Seattle Met Top Doc for a 2nd year in a row.

Thank you to all his patients and colleagues for the support.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his technique for subpectoral mini-open biceps tenodesis.

Check out Dr. Garcia blog on ACL graft options. He uses a customized approach to each patient when choosing the type of graft for your ACL reconstruction.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his advanced arthroscopic technique for snapping scapula syndrome. This surgical video demonstrates his arthroscopic scapulothoracic bursectomy and superior medial angle resection.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his technique for acute elbow LCL repair

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his all suture technique for ACL repair and ACL tibial spine repair.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his arthroscopic remplissage technique. This surgery improves outcomes for patient who have failed previous labral surgery.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his advanced technique for “over the top” rotator cuff repair with a superior capsular reconstruction.

Dr. Garcia covers the Pac-12 Swim Championships. It was a great opportunity help out and take care of these high-level athletes.

Dr. Garcia covers the Pac-12 Swim Championships

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his elbow arthroscopy technique in a former high level gymnast.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his arthroscopic surgical technique for anterior labrum “Bankart” repair.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his inside-out meniscus repair technique for complex tears.

Check Out Dr. Garcia's Patient Testimonial After Complex Shoulder Stabilization Surgery

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his advanced technique for arthroscopic glenoid fracture fixation as well as bony bankart repair. This technique improves healing time and reduces stiffness over the open approach.

Check Out Dr. Garcia’s Patient Testimonial Video After Cartilage Transplant

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his innovated technique for partially torn, articular sided rotator cuff repairs. This newer technique reduces trauma to the rotator cuff without hurting healing potential.

Dr. Garcia presents his complex treatment algorithm for treating patients with shoulder instability and labral tear.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his cutting edge technique for subscapularis repair after stemless total shoulder replacement.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his arthroscopic technique for knee osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) repair.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates a cartilage transplant surgery. This is an innovative technique to preserve patients’ knees with a focal cartilage defect.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his Superior Capsular Reconstruction technique

My treatment algorithm for Tommy John surgery.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his innovative technique for arthroscopic meniscus root repairs.

Dr. Garcia speaks on OrthoBiologics, including PRP and Stem Cells, for Swedish hospital.

Dr. Garcia presents his September blog topic: patella dislocations and how we treat them.

Dr. Garcia demonstrates his innovative technique for the Latarjet procedure

Dr. Garcia talks about SLAP tears in his monthly blog post

Superior Capsular Reconstruction

Dr. Garcia will be lecturing to all Washington and Alaska Arthrex reps on Superior Capsular Reconstruction next week. He is honored to be selected for this teaching opportunity and will give an overview of the data on the procedure’s success and demonstrate his technique.

Dr. Garcia speaks on meniscal root tears and cutting edge treatment. Check out his first monthly sports and shoulder blog.

Dr. Garcia and OSS are launching a new sports medicine and shoulder blog

Check out Grant Garcia’s Facebook live session on shoulder replacements

Dr. Garcia’s speaks on sports medicine injuries and concussions in adolescents at Swedish Hospital. Check out his presentation below

Check out Dr. Garcia’s video segment on ACL tears and their associated injuries.

Know more

r. Garcia covers Skate for America

Dr. Garcia covers Skate for America, helping care for Team USA Figure Skating. Great job to all contestants, with numerous Olympians from around the world participating, it was an incredible event to cover.

Personalized blood flow Restriction rehabilitation?

Personalized Blood Flow Restriction (PBFR) training has become a novel training method for these individuals to obtain similar gains as high intensity training (HIT) utilizing significantly lower loads. BFR utilizes a specialized tourniquet system to reduce vascular inflow and completely occlude venous outflow in the limb.

Blood Flow Restriction Training After Knee Arthroscopy: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

Introduction:: Quadriceps strength after arthroscopic knee procedures is frequently diminished several years postoperation. Blood flow restriction (BFR) training uses partial venous occlusion while performing submaximal exercise to induce muscle hypertrophy and strength improvements. The purpose of this study was to evaluate BFR as a postoperative therapeutic intervention after knee arthroscopy.

Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Therapy: How, When and Where Can It Accelerate Rehabilitation After Surgery?

Abstract:Personalized (based on a percentage of a patient’s limb occlusion pressure) blood flow restriction is emerging as a potential advancement in orthopaedic surgery. Safe application of the technology requires the use of medical devices capable of customizing the pressures applied to individual patients. In those circumstances, it is a low risk and noninvasive technique. By limiting muscle atrophy and aiding in the recovery of strength and function, it has the potential to significantly reduce the morbidity from limb trauma and surgery, and aid in achieving a substantially earlier return to full activity.


Blood Flow Restriction, which is a treatment technique that combines low load resistance training with heavy compression of the involved extremity, allowing for amazing changes in muscle strength and loading capacity. Dr. Garcia tried it out, great option for rehabbing patients.

ARM- Blood Flow Restriction

Leg - Blood Flow Restriction

Defining Platelet-Rich Plasma Usage by Team Physicians in Elite Athletes

Background: The indications for the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are vaguely defined despite the frequency of its use as a treatment for athletes. While select studies have advocated for its efficacy, the majority of orthopaedic research conducted on the topic has been equivocal.

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 Swim Across America

Dr. Grant Garcia provides medical coverage for Swim Across America. Great turnout and congratulations to all those swimmers raising money for a good cause!

Stem Cell Therapy for Articular Cartilage Repair: Review of the Entity of Cell Populations Used and the Result of the Clinical Application of Each Entity

BACKGROUND: Following successful preclinical studies, stem cell therapy is emerging as a candidate for the treatment of articular cartilage lesions. Because stem cell therapy for cartilage repair in humans is at an early phase...

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Return to Play Among Elite Basketball Players After OsteochondralAllograft Transplantation of Full-Thickness Cartilage Lesions.

Background: Osteochondral allograft transplantation (OCA) is a recognized option for full-thickness articular cartilage defects of the knee, especially in the setting of large lesions or those involving the subchondral bone.

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Comparative Matched-Pair Analysis of Open-Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy With Versus Without an Injection of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Varus Knee Osteoarthritis: Clinical and Second-Look Arthroscopic Results

BACKGROUND: High tibial osteotomy (HTO) is reported to be an effective treatment for varus knee osteoarthritis (OA) by redistributing the load line within the knee joint.

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Borderline Glenoid Bone Defect in Anterior Shoulder Instability: Latarjet Procedure Versus Bankart Repair

BACKGROUND: The optimal procedure for anterior shoulder instability with a borderline (15%-20%) bone defect on the anterior rim of the glenoid is still controversial.

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Clinical Outcomes and Return to Sport After Arthroscopic Anterior, Posterior, and Combined Shoulder Stabilization.

Background: Glenohumeral instability is a common abnormality, especially among athletes. Previous studies have evaluated outcomes after arthroscopic stabilization in patients with anterior or posterior shoulder instability...

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Double-Row Arthroscopic Subscapularis Repair: A Surgical Technique

The subscapularis is the strongest rotator cuff muscle in the shoulder. Until recently, most surgical repairs were performed through an open approach. Furthermore, the reporting of arthroscopic repair techniques and outcomes is fairly limited. This is likely due to the difficulty involved in all-arthroscopic repairs and the relative...

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Return to Work After Anatomic Total Shoulder Arthroplasty for Patients 55 Years and Younger at Average 5-Year Follow-up

As the number of anatomic total shoulder arthroplasties performed on younger patients continues to grow, return to work after surgery becomes increasingly important. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ability of anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty to return patients 55 years or younger to work postoperatively...

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Orthopedics Today Commentary – Healio

Orthopedics Today, May 2018. Anthony A. Romeo, MD; Grant H. Garcia, MD. As the population ages, the number of joint replacement surgeries has increased...

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Sports and joint replacement: Patient perspective should be our priority

Jun 5, 2018 – Anthony A. Romeo MD, Grant H. Garcia MD, Healio Orthopedics Today May … However, recent studies from Garcia and colleagues found both …

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Malnourished patients had increased risk for short-term complications after TSA

Using the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program database, Garcia and his colleagues identified 4,655 patients who underwent total shoulder arthroplasty (TSA) from 2005 to 2013.

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Study reports on return to work, play after shoulder hemiarthroplasty

Grant H. Garcia, MD Grant H. Garcia. Garcia and his colleagues retrospectively reviewed 79 patients who underwent shoulder hemiarthroplasty. Patients were...

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